Endodontist brings dental care education to developing countries

Global News

TORONTO- Dr. Gary Glassman is a root canal specialist with goals to improve oral health. He focuses on new, innovative technologies, making him a relevant and respected teacher in Toronto and on the global stage.

“I think Dr. G really embodies endodontics,” said Ali Lubelsky, a fourth year dental student at the University of Toronto. “He’s dedicated so much of his life towards it and he’s so passionate about it.”

Dr. Glassman is on a mission to change the landscape of oral health care, one smile at a time.

“I developed the Goodwill Oral Health Project about five years ago,” said Dr. Glassman. “I found there was a need in developing countries to provide the latest and greatest in techniques and technology to allow patients to keep their teeth for as long as they possibly can.”

For more than 15 years, Glassman and his longtime friend Dr. Len Boksman, have been…

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Will Gun Registration Lead To Confiscation? Let’s Stop Arguing About That One – Please.

Mike The Gun Guy™

One of the arguments used by the NRA to fight gun laws is the idea that any new gun law will lead to gun registration which will then lead to gun confiscation.  And since everyone knows that disarming citizens is a tried-and-true method for consolidating tyranny, pro-gun organizations like the NRA keep us ‘free’ by vigilantly opposing anything that might result in the registration of guns.

I don’t think that organizations promoting common-sense policies to keep guns out of the wrong hands (e.g., universal background checks) should underestimate the degree to which this argument about gun registration is not only very potent among gun owners, but may also play well amongst a much wider segment of the American population as a whole, gun owners or not.  This is because we have a long and deep tradition of privacy in this country and as such, we enjoy protections from government intrusions…

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WEATHER BLOG: Winter Is Here

CBS Baltimore

If you have been asking where winter is… you won’t be asking that question for the rest of the week. Like it or not, a full dose of winter is moving in this week bringing everything from snow to frigid temperatures! We’ll start with the snow. A clipper system will be moving through Tuesday bringing a quick blast of snow to the region. Winter weather advisories have been issued for much of the region and will be in effect through Tuesday afternoon. Generally, 1-2″ of snow can be expected with locally higher amounts up to around 3″ north and west of Baltimore. It’s not necessarily the amount of snow that is a concern, it is more the timing. The timing is such that much of the snowfall will occur Tuesday during the morning rush. Go ahead and prepare now… give yourself extra time on the roads Tuesday morning as there…

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