Album Review: “Not Of This Earth” Joe Satriani

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Joe Satriani tested out his first studio album release back in 1986 to the general public to display his guitar virtuosity.  It was a big jump for him, especially in a time period when you had growing popularity among guitar shredders like Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammett (One of Satriani’s music students), Marty Friedman, and Yngwie Malmsteen.  “Driving at Night”  has a mixture of Jimi Hendrix instrumental riffs infused with Malmsteen and Hammett shredding.  “Hordes of Locusts” provide the fast picking that Satriani is known for.  This album is a huge importance that would be just the beginning of his guitar instrumental ripping artwork. [B]

“Driving at Night” by Joe Satriani

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