Album Review: “Surfing With the Alien” Joe Satriani

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Test number 2 of Joe Satriani, “Surfing With the Alien.”  This would be the gold mine album that totally changed the way Satriani can develop elegant tones on the guitar.   Song “Surfing With the Alien” presents his double tapping that shows true speed and genius playing.  Two sessions of double tapping pieces along with the volume swells, displays him as the Eddie Van Halen of Long Island.  Furthermore, Satriani increases his jaw dropping guitar skills in “Satch Boogie.” Again, double tapping with amazing whammy bar usage is key to this guitarist’s playing.  Such great instrumental music with high pitch melodies added, just want to make the average listener just go like “wow.”  And this album will exactly do that.  This guitarist surely would blow musician’s like Dragonforce’s Herman Li head away to rich and diverse forms of guitar playing, creating the skills neccessary for some serious shred playing.  [A-]


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