Conspiracy Theorist Can’t Believe He Hasn’t Been Killed Yet Despite ‘Incredible’ Material He Claims To Have


Self-employed conspiracy theorist and amateur speed-photocopier Gregory Dickens has lashed out at the general lack of attention he has received from law enforcement agencies despite having what he claims to be “…the motherlode of  exposure of government hypocrisy and conspiracy, man!”

Mr. Dickens has tirelessly worked to keep all levels of government and corporations in check through the unusual method of trying to find out whether or not they are actively ensuring a return to the class system seen during the dark ages. He has lambasted the shadow puppet corporation that runs our government for not silencing him, and in doing so allowing his views to be taken more seriously by the general public.

“Do you realize how seriously my life’s work would be taken if you had silenced me? Why do you allow me to publicize the destruction you reap over our sovereign rights? Why is it that people, who…

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