How to Feel

Sometimes, memory is my burden.
It weighs me down, seeming to possess a stronger pull than gravity itself.
It becomes a black hole that saps my strength,causing it to seep out of my very soul;
Equivalent to a scientific force that cannot be conquered by man.

Sometimes, love is my weapon.
It guides me, blazing a brazen path through the wilderness of human nature.
It becomes a channel of power, engraving the rhythm of life into my veins;
Perpendicular to a higher plane of existence that cannot be attained; even through flight.

Sometimes, the darkness threatens to devour me.
Enticing me with the sweet promise of peace and tranquility,
It wishes to ensnare me in an inescapable womb of sorrow and regret.
I know that if I succumb, everything I am will dissolve into a void of nothing.

Sometimes, the light blinds me. Encompassing me with a guarded and potent…

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