Gold mines for free golden oldies

...As You Like It...

Moby-DickSuppose you are a leisurely reader, someone who reads a book over a period of weeks or even months. Your smart phone is a useful device for spur-of-the-moment book reading — ready when you are, where you are. There are hassles, however, with checking out a library ebook multiple times, and you may not want to actually buy it.

There is a third option. I suspect you have a mental list of famous old books you want to read. If they are old enough to be in the public domain (out of copyright), many are freely available for you to read and keep on electronic devices.

The classic Internet source for classic books is Project Gutenberg, but you also can find them in this page from Overdrive, which provides ebooks to the library. On an iPhone, you can get free classics through the Books app. That’s where I downloaded

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