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While there are a lot of resources online and “How-To” sites dedicated to crochet, I find that finding information on graphing is relatively light. If it is, available, I feel like there is always a huge chunk missing to really explain how to do it… Especially for newbies like me. I feel like I can crochet just about anything, but have never tried a graphghan as it’s always seemed beyond me.

So… I bucked up… Took a deep breath… And got to researching and figuring it out!

Sites I found most helpful with information on this technique were [I will be linking you directly to the page with their info on graphing for convenience]:

  • The Crochet Crowd – They have an excellent post on how to create graphs for crocheting.
  • Yarn Hookers – This site has an entire series on creating graphghans, color transitions, and reading graphs. I highly recommend…

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