Los Angeles High Speed Train Breaks Ground!

Ethical Entrepreneurship

The magnitude of mankind’s inventions, never ceases to amaze me. In fact it really may one of the greater things in life, as I age into the future.

California is planning to build a High-Speed rail system, between San Diego and Sacramento. That includes over 24 stations as well. What does this mean? This mean’s that I can get up at 6AM, grab a cup of coffee, stop in Los Angeles for a local doughnut at 6:45, and make it up to my meeting with a Fortune 500 software company, at my company’s headquarters in San Francisco, all before 9:15AM.

This in my opinion will not only reduce travel time, or airfare costs(estimated to be 83$ compared to flying on a plane for an estimated 97$) but it will also revolutinize the west coast itself. The west coast constraints, are in my experience, simple. Geography. I am also certainly not…

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