On the eleventh day of TBIR Christmas – The best website

The Ball is Round

The days of us sitting in front of the TV, furiously pressing “next page” on our remotes as we tried to follow our games on Ceefax are unfortunately long-gone.  But that was then and this is now.  We all get our kicks these days online.  Apparently, football result web pages are the most viewed on the Internet, more than those strange red tube things.

So here are our most used websites of 2014, those that have helped us navigate across the world as well as staying up to date.  Alas, the news that Swiss Ramble has fired up the Financial Rambler engine again in the last week of 2014 means he has missed the cut this year, but sure as Allardyce will hoof the ball long to Andy Carroll, he will be back in contention in 12 months time.

3rd Place – 500 Reasons to Love Football
When we are…

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