Some Great Tumblrs about Writing


Just a quick post for today. There are a lot of tumblrs out there dedicated to writing, literature, and all things bookish. These are a few that I enjoy.

If there some sites you like to visit, let me know in the comments below.

Literary Starbucks

A funny site that puts history’s famous authors and characters at the Starbucks’ counter ordering coffee.


Writing Prompts

A site that provides a lot of interesting prompts.


The Composites

A tumblr that uses law enforcement composite sketch software and descriptions of literary characters to create images of what they might look like.


Reference For Writers

If you want to know how hard of a punch would it take to break bones or what different methods of death feel like, this is a good site to wander through.

Daily Word Fun

Sure you know most of the words, but the day…

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