Will Gun Registration Lead To Confiscation? Let’s Stop Arguing About That One – Please.

Mike The Gun Guy™

One of the arguments used by the NRA to fight gun laws is the idea that any new gun law will lead to gun registration which will then lead to gun confiscation.  And since everyone knows that disarming citizens is a tried-and-true method for consolidating tyranny, pro-gun organizations like the NRA keep us ‘free’ by vigilantly opposing anything that might result in the registration of guns.

I don’t think that organizations promoting common-sense policies to keep guns out of the wrong hands (e.g., universal background checks) should underestimate the degree to which this argument about gun registration is not only very potent among gun owners, but may also play well amongst a much wider segment of the American population as a whole, gun owners or not.  This is because we have a long and deep tradition of privacy in this country and as such, we enjoy protections from government intrusions…

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