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“2014 wasn’t that great for music, honestly.” 


There were some bleak moments, admittedly. There were some bleak moments, admittedly.

I can’t help but wonder what it is that these people actually mean when they say things like this. Is it ‘my favourite bands didn’t put out any records’? Because the answer to that is to get out and find a release that pushes your buttons enough to become a new favourite band. Is it ‘I’ve genuinely listened to loads of music and nothing has clicked with me’? Because they’re lying, or looking in the wrong places. Is it ‘music ain’t what it used to be’? Beca- oh fuck it, there’s no point in even trying with that lot.

10904167_10202722717862923_926656493_n Joyce Manor are better than anything your dad listens to.

Honestly, it’s probably just people playing the ‘too cool to be excited about anything’ card who should be ignored at all times anyway, but whatever, they’ve been been officially…

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First Post


So every year I make the resolution of starting a blog and get as far as completing the first post before forgetting all about it. In fact, I admit that I have lost count of the number of times I’ve done this and there are blogs out there started by me which I have completely forgotten about or do know about but cannot remember what the log in information was. Is that bad?

Anyway, this year I am determined to do better and for once, I think I can. That’s got to count for something, right?

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How to Keep Your Blog Traffic

Internet Marketing

So you finally figured out how to get those visitors to your site, huh? Well, partner, it’s not over. Now you’ve got to keep them there, while also bringing in new people, if you hope for your blog to be effective.

How? I knew you’d ask that…

1. Pay closer attention to your audience than you do to your search engine rankings.

Who knows what way the wind will blow in years to come. You may be able to do without traffic from Google one day – just like you’re probably doing without traffic from Hotbot right now.

However, you’ll never be able to do without your clients and prospects. If you could you wouldn’t be in business, would you?

So pay attention to what your audience wants to hear. If you configure your blog correctly in the first place, you won’t have to worry about a good ranking so…

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It Takes A Village To…

The Rabbit Hole

MentorTo finish the title: It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, that is a truism, when you look back on what we think is old-fashioned thinking, it would indeed take many to bring a person from child to adulthood, with guidance from parents and elders of the village who use their wisdom and experience to give you lessons in life.

It appears that we go it alone now our guidance stopping when we reach the age of majority, of course we will learn many other valuable lessons about life or not as the case maybe, but it seems to me that even in these modern technological times we still need support and guidance, however were conditioned not to ask or be embarrassed to ask for help.

When dealing with my own depression, and getting on the road to recovery I found myself anchorless, in the sense that although I’d…

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Report: Bears Will Interview Todd Bowles On Saturday

CBS Chicago

(CBS) The Bears will indeed sit down for interviews with the three targets they initially zeroed in on for their vacant coaching job.

Chicago will interview Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Saturday, according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson. Bowles is the third known coaching candidate that Chicago will sit down with. The Bears confirmed over the weekend that they’ve already interviewed Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

The Bears will have plenty of competition for the 51-year-old Bowles, who oversaw the league’s fifth-ranked scoring defense this past season. He’s also set to interview with the Jets on Wednesday, the Falcons on Thursday and the 49ers on Friday, Anderson reported.

Bowles has been in Arizona for the past two seasons after previously serving as the defensive backs coach in Philadelphia. He was an interim coach in Miami in 2011 after Tony Sparano was fired, going 2-1…

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Los Angeles High Speed Train Breaks Ground!

Ethical Entrepreneurship

The magnitude of mankind’s inventions, never ceases to amaze me. In fact it really may one of the greater things in life, as I age into the future.

California is planning to build a High-Speed rail system, between San Diego and Sacramento. That includes over 24 stations as well. What does this mean? This mean’s that I can get up at 6AM, grab a cup of coffee, stop in Los Angeles for a local doughnut at 6:45, and make it up to my meeting with a Fortune 500 software company, at my company’s headquarters in San Francisco, all before 9:15AM.

This in my opinion will not only reduce travel time, or airfare costs(estimated to be 83$ compared to flying on a plane for an estimated 97$) but it will also revolutinize the west coast itself. The west coast constraints, are in my experience, simple. Geography. I am also certainly not…

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